London Summit 2018
June 26 2018 | Tobacco Dock, London

Why Decoded

“It’s a good way of encouraging this kind of dialogue and debate about how you use technology, what tech means to fashion and what initiatives you can deploy.”


Zach Duane, CEO, Victoria Beckham


“The Decoded Fashion Summit is an incubator for discussion and hopefully an incubator for action.”


Landis Smithers, VP Marketing, Grindr


“The more that there is development with technology, the more that the consumer becomes involved in the process and the more that we’ll be reactive and responding to how to create the new tech.”


Candice Fragis, Buying & Merchandising Director, Farfetch


“Fashion has always been at the forefront of everything that we’re doing with Instagram and I think it’s really interesting to see where that could go.”


Amy Cole, Head of Brand Development, EMEA, Instagram


“There’s a lot of tech companies trying to be in fashion and a lot of fashion companies trying to be in tech, but they need to really both be their own experts and work collaboratively together and I think Decoded Fashion does a great job of facilitating the conversation.”


Michelle Sadlier, Head of Innovation & Social Media, Hunter


“Events like Decoded Fashion are completely pivotal to bringing the fashion and technology together. The way in which new startup communities meet brands, meet retailers, to create new ideas for fashion and technology.”


Lynne Murray, Director Digital Anthropology Lab, London College of Fashion


“A great opportunity to discover the latest innovations, thoughts and insight from some of the industry’s best speakers.”


Josephine Hatch, Trend & Innovation Specialist, Chivas Brothers


“I think events like Decoded Fashion play an important role in building the ecosystem and bringing together the community and giving people a stage to show what they’re doing, as well as instigating business.”


Eze Vidra, Startup Investor and Advisor., Ex GP at Google Ventures

Decoded Fashion